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The Centurion Club was the brainchild of PDG Peter Walsh (D9700 1998-99), who saw the need to establish a program similar to "Every Rotarian Every Year". District 9700 continued this on since his untimely death, and it is now spread across many other Districts. 
Our new District 9705 will maintain this program, encouraging Centurions to give A$100 each year to The Australian Rotary Foundation Trust while ever they are able to do so. Donations can be directed to Annual Giving or Polio Eradication.
Centurion Club


PDG Ian Tooke, Blayney,
02 6368 2574 or
0409 590 547
District 9705 Centurions make a personal contribution to the Rotary Foundation. It is a way for Rotarians and Friends of Rotary to make a small regular personal contribution to the Rotary Foundation. These donations are Tax Deductable. 
How to become a Centurion
You can become a Centurion along with fellow Rotarians and others by making a tax deductable contribution of AUD$ 100 or more per annum while ever you are in a position to do so. Your contribution (payable to The Australian Rotary Foundation Trust) supports the work of the Rotary Foundation. Fifty percent of the money donated to the Annual Programs Fund comes back to the District after 3 years and is used in developing our Foundation projects. Rotarians and their partners and friends become a Centurion by donating AUD$100 each year to The Australian Rotary Foundation Trust.  
Rotarians, their partners and friends also receive Paul Harris Fellow recognition credits for each donation made in their name.





This short Video illustrates the power of your donation.



"When Rotary Came,The Children Stopped Dying!"....a powerful statement.












Donate Now
You may contribute by Direct Debit, Cheque, Credit Card or Direct Deposit. 
Complete your Centurion Donation Form, or if your club collects donations through the year to forward as one deposit, give your donation to the Club Treasurer who will forward it with the Club Multi Donor Form.
   Your official receipt will be forwarded from The Australian Rotary Foundation Trust.