Youth Exchange District 9700

The Rotary International Youth Exchange program provides school students with an opportunity to study and be hosted overseas for a year. The program furthers international goodwill and understanding and enables students to advance their education and broaden their own outlook.

Rotary D9700 2016 Outbound Students

The program has high public recognition and extends Rotary to a wider community, crossing boundaries of age, race, nationality and religion. Students act as ambassadors while they study and live in another culture. Outbound students and their parents receive detailed preparation in the several months prior to the exchange that occurs over one calendar year, followed by debriefing on their return.  Rotary Clubs need to identify and screen candidates, with final selection, training and debriefing conducted by the Rotary D9700 Youth Exchange Committee.                                         

Potential students should be identified several months before applications are due with screening at the Rotary Club level occurring in April, when the candidates are generally in Years 9, 10 or 11.  Students who have completed their Higher School Certificate Examination are no longer accepted into the program under the guidelines issued by the NSW Department of Education and Communities which excludes Year 13 students from future reciprocal exchange programs.

Rotary Club members or prospective applicants should contact the D9700 Youth Exchange Committee for information or advice relating to the program. Detailed information and a preliminary application form are on the web site. Where a Club sponsors an outbound student they will be expected to reciprocate by hosting an inbound student. Inbound students from Europe and other northern hemisphere countries usually arrive in July, and southern hemisphere countries in January.

Rotary D9700 2015 Inbound Students   

Building International Peace and Understanding

Three students have returned to D9700 in January 2020, having completed a year abroad.

Jess Ashcroft sponsored by Forbes lived in Belgium; Sarah Hyde, sponsored by Naranderra lived in France and Bianco Lubke, sponsored by Wollundry Wagga Wagga, lived in Germany. 

All had a great year and are now trying to continue their language at Year 11 & 12 level through the Board of Studies.  This is not so easy for them, as it means studying the language via the Distance Education system.

There are four students in the District from Belgium (Forbes), France (Blayney), Germany (Orange) and Finland (Bathurst Daybreak).  Being from the Northern Hemishere, these students will depart for home in July in readiness for their school year to begin in August.

The first cohort of 12 students for D9705 departed in January 2020 with two students from D9700. Hayley Chesworth, sponsored by Murrumburrah-Harden and Paige Jessup, sponsored by Wollundry Wagga Wagga.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Paige returned home at the end of March from Switzerland.  Hayley, remains safe in her District on the eastern USA/Canada border.


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Rotary D9700 Youth Exchange Committee

Judith Hall   Chair Young
Sue Gordon    Secretary   Young
Robert Campbell   Country Coordinator Griffith Avanti
Scott Kable   Country Coordinator Orange
Robynn Sargent   Committee member  
George Thomas   Committee member