2022 Learning and Development Seminar Homepage
May 14th - Soldiers Club  9am-4:30pm May 21st - Leagues Club 9am-4:30pm
There will be two seminars, one in Goulburn (May 14th)  and one in Parkes (May 21st)  to cover the size of this District of ours. 
These Seminars are NOT just for the Board but for all Club members.  I encourage you all to try and attend one of them!  
The days are designed to not only increase your knowledge about Rotary and how to contribute and participate in your Club but also about fun and camaraderie.  If you do have a role, you will learn more about this role and how to undertake that position to the best of your ability.   The program will cover things like Membership, how to be an effective Treasurer or Secretary, teach you about our amazing Foundation – one of the best charities in the world.  It will open your eyes how this works so effectively on all levels – Club, nationally and internationally. The seminar will teach you about Rotary’s amazing youth programs: RYLA, RYPEN, Youth exchange etc. These programs have the opportunities to change lives, giving young people increased confidence and skills.
So book your accommodation and come and join the District Team and make your club and Rotary grow stronger!
Club Learning and Development Program
Goulburn Services Club, 15 Market St – Saturday 14 May 2022
Parkes Leagues Club, 194 Clarinda St, Parkes – Saturday 21 May 2022
9.00     Tea and Coffee
9.15     DG Leo Farrelly to welcome everyone
9.30     DGE Geraldine Rurenga
Imagine Rotary - The BIG Picture
Our District – All Rotarians together, working as a big team to achieve great things.
Clubs are the key to success and each one is different but with common threads.
Adapting to the here and now, and the future.
9.50     What is Rotary to you?
  • Warm up exercises
  • What is your Rotary? – short grabs from Rotarians
10.10   PDG Michael Moore
  • Rotary in the world – UN and WHO - Polio
  • The 7 Areas of Focus and their importance to Rotary
10.25   PDG David Brawn   
Environment – the vital new focus for all Rotary
10.45   Morning Tea
11.20   PDG Steve Hill - Youth Protection
11.40   Chris Bennett - Insurance
12.00   PDG John McKenzie - Foundation
12.30   PRI Director, PDG Noel Trevaskis
  • RI regulations – what we have to do, and why
  • Responsibilities of all Club Directors – Incorporations Act etc
  • Responsibilities of Members – Service above Self and 4 Way test and FUN
12.45 Lunch
1.30     Club Roles
  • Presidents feedback to Area Governors following PETs
  • Treasurers – working with District Treasurer – questions and answers
  • Secretaries – club role, organisation and the rest
  • Youth programs run by the District and Clubs
  • What Rotary and Rotarians do for their communities, the country, and the world – especially for newer Rotarians or for those who haven’t been to a previous Assembly or District Learning and Development Day
Back together for Club Programs
2.10     Service projects
2.30     Getting new members and keeping them
2.50     Growing leaders and succession planning
3.10     Public image and social media
3.30     Afternoon tea
3.45     Effective Clubs
  • Rotarians meet with their Area Governors – sharing projects, ideas and issues causing concern.
  • An opportunity to ask questions – all Speakers and Chairs will be wandering around to provide answers.
4.15     DGE Geraldine
4.20     DG Leo to sum up the day
4.30     Close